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My Tablet is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi, what could be the issues?

1. Do you see your outlet's Wi-Fi/SSID in the Wi-Fi list?

If Yes:
• When connecting to Wi-Fi, if it says "Authentication Problem", this usually means that the password entered is incorrect;
• Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> click on your router name;
• Press "Forget" and enter your WiFi password again;
• You may opt to "show password" to verify password is entered correctly;
• The password requirements are case sensitive

Some Wi-Fi routers may have password set by default. You may look for the following hints on the bottom or the back of your router:
• Security Key;
• Wireless Key;
• WPA Key;
• WPA2 Key;
• WEP Key

If No:
• Disable Wi-Fi option on your Tablet;
• Unplug USB charging cable and power off the tablet;
• 10 minutes, turn on the tablet and then enable Wi-Fi

Refer to the video link below for reference:

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**If problem persist please contact AM for further assistance.

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